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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 14:10:39 +1000 (EST) From: mickmack999 Subject: The Reluctant Slave - Part 7.1 & Part 7.2(m/m, m/t, forced, slavery, nc, oral, anal) This story 16 years porno photo is (c) Copyright 2007, by MickMack. All World Wide Rights Reserved.The story below is the epic tale of a totally fictional event. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. It is gay erotica and is intended to be read by persons who are 18 12 years nude teengirls years of age or older, and by persons that enjoy gay erotica.The material covered in 13 years porn gallery this story and all other accompanying parts of this story are fictional. Any similarities to persons living or dead are pure coincidence.Please 17 year old nudes Note: To those who like reading my material, I apologise for taking so much time in getting this story written and posted. It is a bit off the usual subject matter I play around with, but hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed 13 years anal galeries writing it.Please send your comments to: mickmack999yahoo.com.auThe Reluctant SlaveThe Life and Times of Brad Cahill - Pleasure Slave*****************************************************************7.1 Noel Morgan -- A Lost Cause(Compiled from the Confidential Testimonies of Noel Morgan)*****************************************************************How can I now say I'm truly sorry for all the pain I've caused so many people? Is it too late for me to make amends to everyone I've hurt over the years.The courts have said so. They believe it's too late for me. They even believe that `slavery for life' isn't good enough, that my punishment should be far greater to reflect the heinous nature of what I've done.As I write this, I'm sitting on the cold concrete floor of a small cell I'm occupying. There's a thin urine-stained foam mattress I use as my bed, and a hole in the ground which I use to piss and shit in. There are no windows and there's one small rectangular metal door which I have to hunch down to enter and teen porno in 16-year-old exit whenever the guards take me out of here for the 35 minute exercise period I'm allowed to have daily.I'm rationed real boysex 14 years two hours of light a day, and the rest of nude girls 16 years the time I spend in pitch black, darkness so unsettling at times I fear I am going insane.In a sense I'm being kept in solitary confinement. The authorities fear I will be instantly killed if they put me in with any other slaves or prisoners.Not that that means much. I am not allowed to talk to anyone, not even those who guard me and who take every opportunity to come into my cell and savagely beat me with their fists and batons around my head and body. They never leave any serious marks, but they always ensure teen 13 years naturist I suffer excruciating internal pain around my lower back, the soles of my feet and my stomach.But I've been given permission to use this thin sliver of charcoal to write down my thoughts on the back of some toilet tissue they've given me.To be honest, I don't know why I bother. Ever since my incarceration, all I've really wanted to do is close my eyes and not wake up. Just dream my little dreams of being with Brad, and remember how it was before things got really tough.Yes, I remember how I went up to New Holland and took him away from 12-year old girls naked Evan.Brad was mine, and even though I didn't understand what was happening to me then, I came to realise I'd fallen deeply in love with him. To me, Brad was my soul mate. He was the perfect sex partner for me, the perfect sex slave, and I would have done anything to keep him close to me to protect him.But after I'd finally smuggled him across the border, all hell seemed to break lose.My father had suddenly disowned me, I had no access to any money, and all my contacts and friends seemed to be suddenly disappearing. Those who I could get through to advised me strongly not to head home, that Evan was on the warpath and using every available resource at his vast disposal to track me down.I was frantic. All I knew 16 years fucking girl was I had to keep Brad with me and look after him. There was nobody else who knew what he really needed, that he's desire to be dominated needed to be done by me and by me alone. Nothing else mattered.Luckily for both of us, I did have a large amount of cash on me. I knew it would keep us going for at least a few months, until I could come up with another plan to get us more money.So we moved into a lovely apartment in a state south-west that really endorsed slavery, and where I felt fairly safe if anyone came snooping around. For the first month, all I could do was stay in bed with my faggot-girl, I mean Brad, and enjoy his smooth naked body to the fullest. Everything I wanted to do to him I did, and then I'd think up a whole lot more and submit him to all those sexual desires as well.Of course, I knew I had to go out and look for work. It was up to 18 years nude girs me to feed us both, to look out for us, so I finally found the courage to go out by myself and search the `jobs wanted' employment agencies.That was when I knew I was really fucked up. Even as I sat in the small office of the local employment agency, filling out the necessary forms to enquire about any employment opportunities, all I could think about was Brad at home, lying on our bed where I'd handcuffed him to the headboard.But more fucked up was the huge pictures of me and Brad splashed across the front of every newspaper in the city, appearing on every TV channel, of documentaries and news articles trying to locate our whereabouts.Immediately I packed us up in the middle of the night and took us to another city in another state. Once we arrived and I'd booked us into a dingy dirty one-roomer, I rang Trevor Drummond and organised to meet me incognito in an out-of-the-way café bar."Look mate, I shouldn't be here. Evan's got everyone out looking for you, and I can't promise I ain't been followed either. So, what you going to do anyway?" he asked me, and I could see he was worried."I need money, and a lot of it! Can you give me a loan until I've sorted out all this shit?" I asked, trying to act as if I was in control."No problems Noel! I'll give you what I got here and wire you the rest. How much are you looking at?" Trevor asked as he looked around furtively, drinking the last of his coffee."I need at least 1mil. Can you do that?" I asked, feeling the 13 years porn video strain catching up with me. I knew I needed sleep, but more importantly, I needed to make sure we were safe when I slept."Sure, no problems... Here's 60k until I can get home. Noel, you're not going to like this, but I got to tell you. Steve and his whole family were enslaved last Thursday. Just teens xxx 17 years like that. Don't know why, but the news is Steve's father was involved in some type of stocks and bonds scandal." Trevor told me in a near whisper."Not only that, but it looks like three other of our guys got taken down as well. And not only them, but their whole families too. I got a feeling that someone's after the lot of us, Noel." Trevor said, his voice trembling.To be honest, I didn't give a flying fuck about anyone else's problems. All I was concerned with was getting the money I needed to get Brad and me out of the country, a one-way ticket to a cozy island retreat where we could hold up until Evan came back to his senses, fuck him.After an hour of idle chatter, we finally said our farewells, and that was the last I saw of him. Later I would learn he and his family were also enslaved upon his return to his family estate. I never did find out the reason, but I know I felt an invisible clammy fist start to tighten around my heart when the money never arrived and all efforts to contact him went unanswered.Now I was desperate. For two months we stayed in that hovel. Then we were on the move again, a different state and city, stay for a little while and then moved on.Again, all I wanted to do was fuck Brad stupid, make him tell me how much he loved me over and over again. I knew I was fixated on him, but I didn't care, and 15 years sex videos what money we had I now began to gamble, hoping for that lucky strike that would buy us our tickets out of the country.Also, I'd stopped hitting and hurting him. My heart was no longer in it, because suddenly I no longer wanted to see him harmed in any tgp 13 years teens way.Eventually we were down to our last few thousands, sexy sixteen year old and that's when I decided we had to sell Brad's mouth and pussy. I had no choice but to make him available to any guys prepared to pay for a high-priced male hooker of Brad's exceptional qualities.At first we began raking the money in, and I could see it wouldn't be long before we'd be on our way 9 years naturist to our sunny island resort, but then the bottom dropped out of our thriving enterprise.One of our regular johns, an old geezer about 50 maybe 60 years old started blackmailing us. He'd seen Brad's and my picture in the local media and put 11 year old naked two and two together. Before I knew what hit us, he was demanding a double act performance by both of us, wanting to watch me fucking Brad in as many positions as he could think up, and then bringing along all his friends to watch as well.Me personally, I got to admit I liked performing in front of a crowd, especially enjoying it when they applauded and urged me on. But I put a stop to anyone thinking they could fuck my arse.Didn't mind them sucking my cock, but when it came to fucking pussy, well that was where I had Brad step in and offer up his cunt. I wasn't any homo, and I didn't care how much the old man threatened me.And even though I was outraged at being blackmailed, we suddenly started bringing in more money than I'd imagined with our double act. It was all going along smoothly hot 13 years naked until the 14 years fucking gallery old cunt demanded a half a share in everything we were making, and then demanded he spend more time with Brad than I would usually allow.That's about the time we did another runner, because that old cunt went and hurt Brad in a way I'd not expected. As was arranged, I went to 14 years young porno pick up Brad from the old man's house, and as we were leaving, I saw blood trickling down the inside of his thighs from his arse cheeks. He was staggering and groaning and in the dim light, I could see he was badly beat up all over as well.Immediately I demanded to know what the fuck had happened, and the old man had proudly announced he'd earlier in the evening shared Brad with about 20 other sicko guys who got off on shoving glass bottles and other large objects up his arsehole and then forcing him to dance and masturbate himself in front of them.Not only that, but that old fart had been paid a girl 16 year porno fortune.That's when I took his own fireplace poker, went over to him to shove it up his arse after I'd beaten him around the head a bit. Problem was, I didn't know he had armed himself with a blade and the next thing I know he'd stabbed me twice in the chest and once in the stomach.As I'd collapsed, he'd hurried over to Brad who could hardly stand on his own two feet, and was about to slit his throat.Instantly I jumped up and crowned him over the head with the metal poker slick, and as I freed Brad from his grip, I kept my promise and drove that poker up his arse and watched as blood came pouring out of his bowels.I doubt it if he lived, but we weren't going to hang around to find out. I staggered around swooning, blood leaking from my wounds until I Naked 18 year old finally located his stash. Then pocketing the 10k he'd tried to hide from me, and I somehow lifted Brad up onto his feet dragging him after me as we high-tailed it out of there.Brad was seriously ill for about a month. It was the worse month of my entire life. I really thought I'd lose him then. I didn't have enough money to have him or myself hospitalised, and I couldn't afford to have a doctor look at him or me either.10k just wasn't enough money to have him medically seen to. Also, my greatest fear was having both of us identified while we lay there in their hospital beds, and then me being unable to barely 14 yearsold preeteens stop the authorities taking Brad away from me.As I haphazardly patched myself up, thinking I might even die on Brad at times, it was one of the few occasions I 17 years porno truly did consider ringing Evan and having him come down and pick Brad up.I teen 15years fucked stayed in bed with him all the time, falling in and out of consciousness and hugging him close to me as I tried to will him and myself to get better. And as I got better and I watched him slowly recovering, not once did I leave his side.By now he'd lost a ton of weight but slowly he did get better, but I knew he was still gravely ill. Of course, there was no way I'd ever let him out of my sight again, free12 year old porn or sell him to anyone ever again.That's when I thought I'd really lost Brad forever. I just never thought anyone would do a home-invasion 15 16years japan porn raid on us while we were this down and out, bursting 12year sexy through our front door and holding us at gun point as they tore our small one bedroom unit apart.At first I thought it was my brother Evan's goons finally tracked us down, but as I quickly took in the situation, I knew we nude 70 years old were in real trouble.Never had preeteens 13 years moddels I been so scared, as when we were pushed onto our knees in front of the four masked intruders, four huge black men who stood glaring down on us, threatening to slit Brad's throat if I didn't agree to suck each of their big black dicks.There was no choice to be made as I looked into Brad frightened trusting sickly face. 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But I woke up to one of his companion's brutally fucking me.I wavered in and out of consciousness, until finally they'd had there fill, and then tying me up to the headboard of the nude15 years fucking girl bed, they laughed and sneered at me as they dragged Brad out with them as they left.I knew my anus had been torn up really badly, and blood continued to seep out of me as I worked at trying to untie my bindings. It took me half an hour to free myself and then, throwing on what clothes I had left, I picked up a discarded length of vacuum cleaner piping and went in search of the hotel manager.As I'd figured, he was only too happy to tell me everything I needed to know. The men who had taken Brad were a neighbourhood gang that ran organised crime in this sector of the city.But one of their more profitable enterprises was to kidnap good looking white teenage boys, and after raping them for weeks on teen porno 15 years end, selling them to a sadistic group of foreign nationals who took great pleasure in slowly decapitating the poor victim's body parts a limb at a time, keeping them alive for as long as they could as they sexually abused them at the same time.And even though I was hysterical, I took my time planning how to get Brad back, and over the course of four days, I prepared myself for the oncoming confrontation.All it took was a stick of dynamite and a pistol, and the address of where they were keeping him.I can tell you it came as a huge surprise for them when their front door exploded in on them, and then having me charging in there, screaming at the top of my lungs, 8 year old porn shooting every one of them as they lay there shell-shocked.What I didn't expect was the two bullets that hit me in my right shoulder and my left upper arm. Of course it didn't slow me down at all, as I spotted Brad still being sodomised by that cunt of a `boss' man.Pistol-whipped him, dragged him off Brad and then blew his sexy picture 12 years cock and balls off, before I quickly pulled Brad up under my right arm and dragged him out of there to a waiting car I'd loaned that day.We made a quick getaway out of that state and across the border, but I was nearly frantic with despair as I saw Brad was suffering from loss of blood and extreme agony.Eventually I found a place for us to rest up, 14 year old boobs and as gently as I could, I tried to tend to Brad's severe wounds. I didn't care about my own injuries. They were nothing compared to Brad's, so I found myself once again thinking of just ringing Evan.Also, from that day on, I stopped using him, fucking him, demanding that he service me. I'd seen the pain and agony he'd suffered firsthand as he'd recuperated and I no longer wanted to see him suffering because of me. All I wanted was to make sure he was okay, and I stayed in that small cramped filthy bed hugging him to me as free 14 year nude I watched his handsome face become gaunt and shallow and his body get thinner.By the time Evan caught up with us, we'd finally moved all the way down south and I'd just secured a part-time job repairing simple electronic gadgets from home. We were so broke that all I could afford to rent for us was a very ***** unit to live in. I had stopped eating altogether and any money we had went on food for Brad and any legal pain killers I could buy for him.But by now I'd seen how ill Brad really was. He was just so skinny. He wouldn't or couldn't eat and all he'd do was continue to try and make me happy, try to service me, even when I told him he no longer had to do that teen porn 12 years anymore.I remember lying awake long hours, holding him tightly to me, knowing 16 year girl porn I was about to lose him for good if I didn't get him some serious help soon.That's when Evan turned up on our doorstep, telling me it was time for Brad to go home to his loved ones. I knew it was the truth, but I didn't want Evan to see the defeat in my eyes, I didn't want him to know I knew I'd failed Brad.So I did what I always do when I want people to think I'm tough and in control. I tried to fight him off, told him to fuck off, but he'd grown in the last year and he just swatted me down 18 years porn fhoto like a mosquito.He knocked me out with one punch. It wasn't that difficult really. I had no strength left in my own body, and I was lucky if I could even stand up.The next thing I knew I was lying in a prison hospital bed, drips running into 12 years russia sex my arms, and a whole lot of detectives trying to interview naked 14-year-old girls and interrogate me. It was all so hazy what happened then. I was charged as I lay there gay london new years in that bed, and before I knew it, before I was better, I was sent to the cell I now currently teens 13 years photos occupy.Evan came and saw me once before my trial, and we had a short conversation. I remember asian teen 13years how he looked at me, and it was a look that really scared me. As he'd sat across from me in the interview room, he asked me simply why."Because I love him... Because he makes me feel like I'm a real man!" I said looking at him as tears suddenly rolled down my face.Then there was silence for a few moments."You call that love? What you did was an abomination of love! How can you say you love him?" Evan asked, his voice rising nude girls 13 year 14years old girles sex with anger. All I could do was look at him, unable to explain that Brad needed me to fulfill his deepest darkest needs, and that I needed Brad to so I could fill those needs for him."Do you hate me Evan? Will you ever be able to forgive me?" I asked him, and I could hear my voice was very small and trembling, because I knew I feared his answer."I hate you with all my heart Noel! I hate you for what you've done to Brad and his entire family! For what you've done to August and his family, and for what you've teens porno 16 years done to our family! I can never forgive you for what you've done!" he answered softly, and there was that look, a look of pure hatred. I had expected him to say something like this, but when he'd finally said it, it was like a ton of bricks had fallen on top of me.Suddenly I felt so small and very, very alone. I felt myself look down at the table before me, and then felt my chest contract and heave as a loud mournful wail escaped my mouth and my tears blinded my vision.That's when I realised I didn't deserve any pity, not from Evan, not from any one, and especially not from Brad. Now I knew I would be made to suffer as I'd made others suffer before me."I'm so sorry Evan, so very sorry for what I've done!" I sobbed openly to him, unable to meet gay 14 year old his accusing hate-filled eyes as he got up and went to the door to leave."I know you've been dying to ask me about Brad, and how he is." Evan said."You'll be happy to know that he's doing a lot better. He was suffering severe malnutrition and dehydration, as well as trachoma, which has affected his eye sight rather badly. But he's going to pull through. I've got the best physicians and spe******ts looking after him." And with that he walked out on me.At my trial, it was like being at a three ring circus. The national media all turned up, and my name suddenly became synonymous with some of the greatest mass murderers and serial killers ever to be afforded such historic infamy.I was scared and terrified as I was made to tell the jury what exactly happened and how I'd gone about enslaving August and then Brad Cahill and his family.But the hardest part was being aware that they were all in the courtroom directly behind me, witnessing my admittance to my crimes and how I'd deliberately planned to enslave them. At no time did I have the courage to turn around and look at them, to tell them how sorry I was. I kept my eyes firmly on the table defloration 14 years in front of me, and never lifted them for the entire court hearing.Except for Brad! When he was finally called up to the witness box, I tried to quickly glance up at him, without him seeing me look at him. All I wanted to do was see how healthy he now looked, and I was swooning in my seat as I teens 14-year sex saw under 17years pussy pics how handsome he appeared in the white suit he wore.But once again my tears blinded me as he related to the jury how I'd enslaved him and then the whole sequence of events that led to Evan finally tracking us down in the south.Of course I was found guilty, and I now await my sentencing.And as I wait, I am micro-chipped, have all the hair on my body permanently removed, and then I am brutally sexy twelve years old raped and beaten, all in preparation for when I am formally told I have been 17 years old nude enslaved for the rest of my natural life.On top of that, regardless of my sentence, I am to be castrated and have my tongue removed without general anesthetic.And then if I survive my mutilation, I will be sold to a mining company somewhere in Uganda.*****************************************************************7.2 Brad Cahill - Wings of Freedom(Extracts From the Recently Discovered Writings by Brad Cahill -- Pleasure Slave)*****************************************************************He comes in my dreams as an avenging angel, angry and dangerous, demanding my unconditional loyalty and love.I give it to him immediately, open myself to him, and as I dream, I feel his wrathful arms wrap around me and squeeze the breath out of me, crushing my lungs, reducing my torso to a bloody pulp.But then my eyelids flutter and I wake up screaming. I can feel myself being held down on my back, a soft caring voice telling me everything is alright.My eyes adjust to the dim light, but the face above me is vague and blurred."It's alright Brad. You're safe now and lying in a comfortable soft bed, covered with soft smooth sheets 15 years oldporno to keep you nice and warm." It is Master Evan's voice and he is speaking so tenderly. I can feel him wiping a warm moist cloth across my forehead, and he continues to talk to me."Don't worry Brad. Your eye 16 years naked girl sight has been affected a little bit, but you'll soon be able to see clearly before you know defloration 13 years old it. Just calm down, you're safe now and no-one will hurt you." he says, his voice soothing me, calming me.I remember him clearly. I recall how he came sex14 year porno and took me away from the small suffocating room that Master Noel and I were living in. But where is Master Noel? I need fuck young 14 year him, oh God I need him, and as I think about him I feel my cock stiffening instantly to its fully erect state."Shhhh... That's it Brad. Calm down. No one will hurt you or do anything to harm you ever again." Master Evan says in a gentle voice that I find comforting, as he again wipes my forehead with the same warm moist cloth.Again I think of Master Noel, and I wonder where he is. He cannot be far away, not if Master Evan is here looking after me. Why can't I see him? In fact, why is everything so blurred? Then I remember what Master Evan has just told me, of the damage to my eyes.I need to get up and search for Master Noel. Why can't I move, or raise my arms or legs. I can't even lift my head up without sudden pain shooting through every nerve ending of my body. Maybe I've been refitted with a micro-chip and Master Noel is punishing me for not getting up off my lazy backside. Yes, that must be it!"Listen to me Brad! Now just calm down and relax. Don't squirm about like that! Just rest up here now, yes that's it." Master Evan continues saying, his voice soft as velvet silk."You've been ill for a while Brad, and now you getting better. I want you to stay still and relax and rest up for me Brad. Will you do that for me Brad?" Master Evan says, insisting I stop moving about.Suddenly I feel very, very tired, and before I know it, I fall into a deep comforting sleep.That's when the visions come, a rambling kaleidoscope of vivid pictures that flicker and merge into a single moving image. I know what these are. They are my memories playing out in my mind, reminding me of the past.There in my mind, as if it were only yesterday, are my parents. They are looking a bit haggard but overjoyed as they hug Sean, Justin and me close to them. And there's Master Evan standing aside, smiling a lonely smile, watching us as we laugh and cry, lost in our family love for each other.But I hear the knock on the door and without thinking I walk over and open it. Suddenly someone grabs me by the front of my shirt, dragging me out and silently closing the door behind me. A huge ape of a man, unshaven and nearly bald and much taller than me, slams me up against the wall of the hallway and puts a finger up to his lips, indicating I should keep quiet, just shut my mouth as he hurriedly pushes me into an empty janitor's room, flicks on the light and closes and locks the door behind us.At first I am furious. I want to strike back but the way he looks down at me, a smirk across his weather-beaten face suddenly sends shivers of fear down my spine."I got a message for you, queer-boy! It's from your real master down south, and I think you're going to want to stay real quiet and not make a sound as I tell what he's got to say!" he says in a terrifying voice that makes me tremble in fear."Firstly, he commends you all on getting away from him so easily. Didn't think his own little brother had the balls to do what he did. But you, well, he's got a message. Come back now, of your own free will, and he'll leave the rest of your family alone." The large man said, his voice sounding like gravel on sandpaper. And then before I know it, he is cupping 17 years old pussy the front of my crotch, feeling me up and then unzipping my fly."Of course, if you don't do what he wants, he's going to be so pissed off, and I reckon you can kiss your family goodbye forever. I'm quite sure he'd never harm you, but I doubt he'll let any of your other family members live if you were to disagree with him." He says as he shoves his huge calloused hand inside the front of my underwear to take my testicles in the palm of his fist."So, what do you say, homo? Are you going to be a good boy and come peacefully with me? Or are you going to try and fight me and go running off to your new boyfriend?" he says as he starts squeezing my balls as hard as he can.I know I am crying now, and I know it is senseless to try and fight back. This man is humungous and will knock me about before I know what's hit me. Also, I know I have to follow this scary man and go back to Master Noel.I've already learnt how cruel Master Evan's brother can be, and I know he'll never let me go. When it comes to the long-term safety of my family, and doing the right thing for them, there really isn't any choice."Ah that's good! I can see you made the right decision. Now let's get real cozy here and get to know each other a lot better. On your knees cunt!" he growls at me.In the dim light of erotic porn 16 years the small janitor's room, I fall to my knees as he stands over me, and as I look up at him, he moves even closer to me and quickly lowers his pants. His penis is fully erect and it is huge, standing out from his hairy groin about nine inches or 10"."Time to show Papa how good a `sword swallower' you really are."I take his throbbing organ in my mouth and I gag as he tries to force it down nimphets 14 years my throat, not because of the thickness and length of his massive penis, but because he hasn't washed or showered in a very long time.His stench and the putrid taste of his foreskin makes me want to retch, to vomit, but I still my stomach and do what he demands of me.For quite a few minutes he makes me work my lips up and down the shaft of his thickly veined cock, before he decides he wants more. Quickly he pulls me back up to my defloration real 15 year feet by my hair, and spins me around so my back is to him. He yanks my pants and underwear down around my ankles, pulls my shirt up my chest, and makes me bend over and grab my ankles."Now that's real nice! I been hanging out to try me some hot faggot cunt, so you just hold tightly onto 8 years pussy pic your ankles and don't make a sound as I 16 years anal movies corn hole you, you fucking homo!" he grunts as he roughly pushes himself all the way into me.And then he reaches over me and grabbing a fistful of my blond hair, he yanks my head up and back and starts slamming into me, fucking me as hard as he can. I feel the agony of what he is doing to me, but I also feel my body responding to his brutality. My anus starts gripping and milking his thrusting penis and I find I am pushing back my butt to get photo nude 16 years as much of him into me.I feel ashamed of myself. I no longer have the micro-chip in my spine, but it's as if its still there, and the pleasure level has been triggered at an extremely high setting."Goddam you're good faggot! Oh yeah, I can see why he wants you back!" the man gasps out loud as he increases his fuck pace and slams into my anus over and over again while still yanking my head up even further as I stand bent over all the way, holding tightly onto my ankles.The images blur in my mind, suddenly speeding up like the fast forward action on a movie. I see myself kneeling before the man once more, licking and sucking the slime of his recent ejaculation and my shit off his semi-flaccid cock and large hairy balls before he quickly makes me stand up again and pull my pants up before dragging me out of the janitor's room and away from my family and friends and the Le Grand Hotel.Bundled into the back of a car, I see vaguely the many street lamps lighting up the night, but I have no idea where we are or where we are going. The small room we enter is dusty and damp, and I sit on the side of the bed as he instructs me and watch as he sets up a digital video camera on a tripod stand facing me.I speak the words he tells me to repeat and dutifully stand up once more, lower my pants and underwear, step out of them so he can video record me masturbating. And as I smile, I watch as he steps forward and punches me in the face.The images speed up more as he places me in many uncomfortable positions and fucks me repeatedly. Absurdly, I watch as the images show me sucking his monstrous dick before and after each fuck session, and see myself gag as he urinates in my mouth. He continues to beat me around my head, my body and genitals, deriding me for not being a real man and not fighting back.Instantly the images slow down a fraction as I find myself thrown down in the middle of another small room and there stands Master Noel, his face red with anger as he turns on the man, telling him to go back to his motel and wait for him to call.I hear Master Noel's voice as if from far away, ordering me to go take a shower and I watch myself stagger into the cubicle. I remember the warm water flowing over me has a reviving quality about it, and then before I know what has happened, I am dry and Master Noel is taking his time fucking me on my back. My knees are bent over his shoulders and he his kissing me deeply, and then as he cums, Master Noel bites my tongue and declares his undying love for me.Suddenly I am seeing in my mind images that are running at normal speed. We are in another small compact bedroom, somewhere in the southern states, and Master Noel looks scared and worried. He is cursing Master Evan, and hugging me close to his chest. I lay 18 year nude girls there, feeling a sudden swelling of love for him, and immediately lower my head and take his semi-erect penis into my mouth."Good girl! Yes, that's lovely! Take it deeper baby, and make your Daddy feel really good!" Master Noel intones to me, running his hands through my blond hair gently. It is one of his good days, where he has spared me the discipline of his fists and has momentarily let his guard down. I 16 year black pussy know I am now safe, that I have made the right decision, and that Master Noel will look 14years girl modles after me as he has promised.Then news reaches him that Master Evan has just picked up our trail as he continues to pursue us. If I could, I would tell Master Noel he doesn't need to worry, as I would never leave him. But I stay silent, obediently speaking only when spoken to.Again, another room and another youngs 16 year nude city! I can feel my stomach rumbling as we haven't eaten in such a long time. Master Noel jokes that all the protein he makes me suck out of his cock should be enough to feed a small nation, but I can see he is now really worried about me.I remember the first man he brings home, a skinny spectacled man who takes one look at me and then hands over a large sum of money to Master Noel. Then I am ordered to pleasure him with my mouth and then lie back and let him fuck me for as long as he wants.That night we eat our first proper hot meal in over a month, and on my knees, I smile with joy at Master Noel as I lean forward with my hands behind my back and eat from the overfilled plate of hot food on the floor placed next to him."Tonight you'll be my dog, my bitch! So when you're finished there Lassie, come over here and take my cock in your dick-sucking mouth and hump your clitty up and down my 13 years porn picture leg. And for being such a good whore, I'll even let you shoot your load." He says porno 16 years girls happily, watching me as I eat my fill.As soon as I finish and lick my plate clean, I hobble over to him and push my erect cock up against his hairy leg. As I suck him off, keeping my hands behind my back, I slowly hump his leg, making porno girls 10 years sure I take my time, just the way he likes me to do it.The feel of his coarse leg hair tickles and scratches my hairless cock and balls and before I know it, I have let myself go and I'm humping as hard as I can and as fast 16 years pics nude as I can. His large uncut penis starts spurting his manly juices into my mouth at the same time I ejaculate all over his leg. And as soon as I suck him dry and lick his balls clean, I move down and lick and suck up all the mess I've made on his hairy leg.Tonight he is proud of me, and as I lay next to him, feeling his powerful arms hugging me close to him, I start kissing his hairy chest and shoulders and long thick neck.Again the images slide forward rapidly, like a series of cardboard flip boards that suddenly stop at a scene of me on my hand and knees and Master Noel kneeling behind me, his chest flat against my back, his arms hugging my chest tightly, and his fully erect penis thrusting in and out of my gripping vagina."Come on boys! My friends here didn't pay a fortune to see two sissy faggots acting like homos. We want a proper man-banging fuck performance! Now get with it!" It was the old man, and he was ridiculing the way Master Noel was fucking me.I could tell there were about 20 odd men sitting around watching us, and Master Noel was whispering in my ear for me to push back harder, to get into the rhythm of his fuck-pace."I'm gonna kill that old cunt one of these days! He's really starting to piss me off big time!" Master Noel grunted and gasped into my ear as he pounded up me even harder. I could hear the applause and wondered which of the cheering men would be fucking me next.The images speed up once more and I watch myself standing before the old man side on, letting him stroke my erect penis as he pushed the tapered end of a large empty whisky bottle up my cunt. The lesbian 15 years mpeg pain was excruciating, but I bit my tongue and let him do it."Fuck you've got fuck girl 13 years a sloppy pussy, boy! See, I've nearly got half the bottle up your vagina and your dick is still rock-hard. Okay then, turn around so my friends can see you and jerk off while I fuck you hard with this bottle. I want to see how far you'll stretch before you start bleeding bitch!" the old man leered, his voice evil and filled with hate.As instructed, I furiously masturbate myself for them as he slammed the glass bottle in and out of my pussy. I tried not to cry, but tears came and a strangled squeal of pain leapt from my throat as I felt something inside me rip at the same time I shot my girl juices.Then there was Master Noel, standing over the unconscious dying body of the old man, screaming at him as he rams a metal poker up his arsehole. He has sustained three serious knife wounds and is bleeding badly, but without hesitating Master Noel quickly steps over to me, tears in his eyes as he hugs me close to him and helps me stagger out of the old man's house.Then there was nothing. No images, no visions, no pictures. I lay in a cocoon of peaceful black silence, until suddenly I opened my eyes and 12 years porn mpeg I can vaguely see Master Noel leaning over me, tears of joy in his eyes as he saw me looking up at his face.We are in another city, another small one bedroom apartment. Master Noel is hugging me close to him, a desperate angry look on his face as he talks of our future. Suddenly the door crashes open and four huge masked men carrying machetes and pistols storm into the room.Master Noel looks resigned, as if he knew this day would come, when Master Evan's security team would eventually find us. But suddenly Master Noel yells at me to get 12 year fucking down, screaming at the four men to stay away as he uses his body to shield me.The next minute we are both on our knees, our wrists tied behind our backs, 10 years incest facing the men as they ransack our room. Master Noel is shouting at the men to take what they want and then get the fuck out."6k boss, just like the hotel manager said, boss!" says the thinnest of the four. They are all very tall, and three of them are verging on obese. We can't see their faces, as they are wearing balaclavas, but their bare hands identify they are all black men."So what we got here? Two faggot scum living it up in a cozy hideaway retreat? And doing naughty fag stuff, no doubt? Well, I reckon that'll cost ya big time not to be ratted on. What do ya say, HD?" the largest man says as he glares down at us."I say we have some fun before we go, and still give `em up to the cops when we leave. Nothing nastier than some fucking homos polluting the straight pool, boss!" answered his compatriot in a chilling voice."Okay then, fun it is!"Instantly a long glinting blade is pressed against my throat and one of the men stands in front of Master Noel unzipping his jeans."I reckon you the top man, since you still dressed and all. So you get the pleasure of sucking my cock and licking my big fat hairy black balls first." The man said sneering down into Master Noel's horrified face."Mind though, we'll give you one chance to get outta here with your cherry intact. If you don't want to suck us all off, and then have us fuck you stupid, we'll leave you alone and just slit your bitch's throat before we fuck him. Then once we're finished, you can go home, and forget this ever happened. Your choice punk?" the man said.At first Master Noel just stared at the huge black uncut dick young 12 year oldnaked in front of his face, and then he turned his head my way, looking porno 16years videos at the menacing knife pressing against my throat. 12 years sexy pictures And then he turned back around and without another word took that large throbbing erection into his mouth and started sliding his lips up and down its thick length.Before I could even move, one of the other men stepped forward quickly and shoved his penis into my mouth and ordered me to suck him off.Again the images in my mind shifted 16 year virgin petite quickly ahead in time. I could see Master Noel and I had been positioned next to each other, our wrists still tied behind our backs, and we are both on our knees at the side of our bed, bent over so our faces are pushed into the mattress.Kneeling behind us, two of the large black men are brutally fucking us, while slamming their fists into our backs if we don't push back onto their raging thrusting cocks fast enough.Master Noel has had his clothes ripped off him and his favourite jock strap has been shoved into his mouth gagging him. I have a pair of Master Noel's Speedo briefs jammed into mine. Our faces are turned towards each other, and 15years porn I can see the lost, daze look on Master Noel's grimacing pain-riddled face as he is forced, like me, to take all the men's erect penises over and children pussy 10 years over again.The images shifted once again in time, and I recognise the cellar room where the men and 16 of their gang members hang out. I am on my back, the boss laying on top of me, my legs over his shoulders as he pounds his huge black cock in and out of my vagina. The look in his eyes is feral and he is fucking me as hard as he can, intentionally trying to hurt me and make me cry."Fucking some real nice white pussy here guys! God he's good! girl 12 years nude His pussy keeps gripping 15 years naked girls my dick so tight!" he grunts and drools as he slams himself over and over into me.I remember how they had decided to take me with them once they'd had their way with Master Noel and me. Tying Master Noel up and then dragging me out of the room, they'd thrown me in the boot of their car and driven me here where I'd spent the next five days performing oral on all their gang members and then letting them rape me up my vagina whenever they wanted to.I remember my mind had gone completely numb and all I could think about was Master Noel, and how he'd sacrificed his cherry to save my life.If ever I was stunned, it was when the heavy wooden door to the cellar room I was being sodomised in suddenly blew inward, shards of splintered wood injuring many of the black men inside, and Master Noel storming in firing a gun at anything that moved. Then there was a volley of gunfire that seemed to go on forever, but as the smoke cleared, there 13 boy year jpg stood Master Noel looking around for me.As soon as he saw the boss who was still on top of me, he raced over, smashed the handle of the gun against the surprised black man's temple and pulled him off of me. Then Master Noel rolled the man over onto his back, took aim and shot the man's genitals off.With Master Noel supporting me, he dragged me to a waiting car he'd stolen earlier and slammed the accelerator down as he drove us out of the city and across the state line. I could see Master Noel had been injured. He'd taken two bullets. One that had entered and passed through his upper left arm and the other having passed through his right shoulder.After many hours, naked girls 13 years and I can see he was very groggy and weak, he finally books us into nud sixteen year old a small run-down hotel on the outskirts of a city, three states away from where we'd been robbed and raped, and looking me over carefully, he hugs me close to him as he cries and kisses me all over my startled face."It's alright baby! You're safe with me now! Come on, lie down here and try to get some sleep, okay." He said to me gently, not worrying about his own injuries, just concerned about me.The images of the three weeks we stayed there float through my mind as Master Noel decides once again whether to ring Master Evan to come down and collect me. But as I recover a little and he starts feeling better, he chooses to move us once again. I also know there is something wrong with my eyes now, as he is just a blurred image on the edge of my vision, but I don't tell him."I've got to get you help, Brad! I'm really scared I might lose you if I don't. Maybe I'd better ring Evan and have him come down here now?" he said in a whisper, mainly to himself than to me. Immediately I wrapped my arms weakly around his waist and tried to hug him close to me, tried to reassure him all was well.Finally the images speed up and I see myself on my knees, trying to stay upright. I feel 14 yearsold nude image so weak, and I'm having trouble not falling into a deep faint. I know I have been unable to eat, that no food I take in stays down.I 16 years naturist hear the knock on the door and the vague outline of Master Evan stands before us. Master Noel is nearly hysterical. I can hear it in his voice. He is trying to protect me, but I know he is in bad shape too. As he has seen me getting ill over the last month, he too has stop eating.I hear the scuffle and then the loud sound of a body hitting the floor and I know deep down it is Master Noel. Frantically I move forward, cursing my inability to see, but my hands come across him and he lays there before me unmoving.Instantly I start howling in despair. He isn't moving, and I know there's something wrong with him, but suddenly I feel soft tender hands brush my shoulder and gentle arms wrap around me."Shhhh, Brad. Its okay! Noel's okay too, and your safe now. Shhhh there baby!" I hear Master Evan say softly 14years old pictures to me, hugging me ever so gently against his chest."Shhhh, you're safe now. We're going to look after you and get you all better again." Master Evan continues and I feel myself calming down and then the images disappear and darkness descends all around me.Noises russian nude 18 years and voices surround me, at first feint and muffled. My avenging angel appears above me with the face of Master Noel and the body of a glowing iridescent Adonis. And on pure white wings 14year old porn he floats down to me to 16 year porno photo cup my face gently and wipe away my tears."It's time for you to move on, Brad. It's time for you to let go of me and seek out your own destiny." The angelic floating figure with Master Noel's face says to me, a huge beatific smile stretched across a naked teens 16 years benign face glowing with love.Instantly I open my eyes to see the outline of Master Evan hovering over me. I think he is smiling happily down into my face and I feel his lips gently kiss my forehead as he once again whispers to me to rest and to sleep. A rich comforting darkness swirls around me, settling over me, protecting me.And then my eyes flutter open as bright natural sunlight awakens me. I can see better now, the figures and objects around me coming into clearer focus. There standing over me is Master Evan, just as he has always been, and I can see the details of his whole face now. He looks so handsome and tall, not like the memory I had of him as a short skinny teenage bookworm who always looked shy and timid.Now he looks strong and vibrant, but in the back of his eyes I see the gentle kind boy I use to know. And before I know what I'm doing, my hand rises ever so slowly until I can caress his cheek."Thank you, Evan. Thank you so very much for saving me, my handsome young prince!" I whisper softly up to him, and I see the tears of pure joy and love spill down his cheeks as he moves his lips down onto mine and gently kisses me. To Be Continued...*****************************************************************(If you liked the story, please send feedback to mickmack999yahoo.com.au)
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